I've Never Bought Shoes on Amazon, But These 29 Pairs Intrigue Me

As a busy, working woman living in the instant-gratification age, I pretty much use Amazon for everything. My morning matcha powder? Check. Cat food? Check. Some twine to keep said cat out of the fireplace? Check. (It's a whole thing.) I've even managed to score some choice clothing recently: a bodysuit and a very chic white button-down. But shoes? Those I wasn't so sure about—that is, until I actually looked.

Pretty much every trendy shoe style I searched for, I found. I'm particularly excited about a pair of bright green, open-toe mules and a pair of platform Mary Janes. Amazon even has designer stores, including Kenneth Cole and Nine West, to name a couple. This is all to say that my previous doubts have been, well, overturned. Keep scrolling to find my top picks below.

Such a cute errand sneaker. 

I don't see myself getting over the lug-sole loafer trend anytime soon. 

The chunky sole on these is perfection. 

Since Bottega is out of the question for my budget, I'd definitely settle for these. 

Pair these with a T-shirt and jeans, and you're set. 

I couldn't ask for a better summer sandal. 

For when you need all the cozies. 

Obsessed with these platform Mary Janes. 

Converse is making a comeback! I'm particularly fond of the '70s style seen here. 

The little PVC strap and toe ring are so sexy. 

The quilting on the strap here is so chic. 

Yes, I found the perfect knit ankle boots. You're welcome. 

Throw these on whenever your outfit needs a pop of color. 

I think it's safe to say these are a must-have. 

These make me feel so nostalgic in the best way. 

A friend of mine wore these all last summer, and weirdly, they're incredibly chic. 

These would be so cute with a little ruffle sock!

Even if you don't like crocs, you've got to admit this daisy print is good. 

The tan suede with the tortoiseshell buckle is perfection!

I can see myself wearing these with cut-offs and a vintage tee as soon as the weather permits. 

For when you want a new pair of Birkenstocks but also want to switch it up. 

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