L’Oréal Caribe launches recycling project for beauty salons in Puerto Rico

L'Oréal Caribe launches a pilot project of plastic recycling for beauty salons in Puerto Rico, as part of its L'Oréal For The Future sustainability program.

“Aligned with L’Oréal's new global sustainability guidelines and commitments, we are working on an action plan for our market in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands, to contribute to the ambitious goals of the L'Oréal For The Future program. For example, as a company we identified that in Puerto Rico we generate 100 to 150 pounds of cardboard box waste daily, and that we have a great opportunity to find ways to save on waste through our distribution chain,” said Liana Camacho, director of the Professional Products Division of L'Oréal Caribe and leader of the L'Oréal For The Future program efforts in the Caribbean.

As part of its L’Oréal For The Future sustainability program, L’Oréal Caribe implemented the distribution of 100 reusable boxes to recycle the waste of plastic products in 10 beauty salons in Puerto Rico. The boxes are reusable up to 30 times and are cleaned and disinfected with each use. The objective is to create sustainable practices in salons and avoid taking more plastic to landfills in Puerto Rico. The vision of the project is to extend to the rest of the beauty salons to achieve a positive impact on the environment.

“We obtained very good results from the first phase of the project, and the acceptance by our business partners in the beauty salons has been extremely positive. Soon, we will be scaling the project to 20 beauty salons, and from there we will continue to expand. Our long-term ambition is to scale the project to the 300 salons that are part of our business. We will also be evaluating expanding to other Divisions within our company”, added Veronica Figueroa Abrams, Senior Operations Manager for L’Oréal Caribe.

L'Oréal For The Future is an ambitious sustainable transformation program for the next ten years. L’Oréal seeks to ensure that its activity respects the environment and contributes positively to the communities where it operates. This program involves not only the company, but also its collaborators, suppliers, clients and consumers, to apply it to the entire value chain.

"The decade ahead is vital; we are the last generation that can do something to overcome all the environmental and social challenges we currently face. Our L'Oréal for the Future program reflects step by step how we have to guide ourselves in that path towards sustainable transformation, where we will involve all the actors across our business", added Camacho.

For more information, visit the L'Oréal Caribe website https://www.loreal.com/es-pr/caribe/.

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