Prioritising gender equality at L’Oréal Australia

Rodrigo Pizarro champions gender equality in the workplace

"In 2015, along with my executive team, I set out to change the way L’Oréal Australia approached gender equality because I knew we needed to do better. We’ve come a long way since then with a united focus on provide equal access, equal opportunity and equal rewards regardless of gender. We have changed key policies around flexible work, implemented equal parental leave, conducted annual pay audits to ensure pay equity within our business, and have provided clear career pathways for women into senior leadership roles with 50/50 representation at executive level in 2021.
Now, a key priority for us is ensuring we continue to communicate regularly with our employees so that they are well aware of the gender equality programs we have in place and feel understood and supported by the company. I enjoy communicating with employees in various forums and I’m very open about our beliefs, strategy and policies. I’m passionate about ensuring employee perception matches what we offer and I’m always available to answer any questions which arise.
At L’Oréal Australia, we use external benchmarking and certification as a way to make sure we are on track, and I’m proud that L’Oréal Australia is recognised at both an international and national level for gender equality. L’Oréal Australia has been an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality since 2019, through the program run by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, and we have held EDGE international certification since 2015. Both certifications measure where an organisation stand in terms of representation, pay equity, equitable career progression and effectiveness of policies and practices.
Gender inequality continues to persist within Australia and the world, and companies have a key role to play in creating positive change. Personally, I am a champion for flexibility, especially for those who need it in order to return to the workforce and progress their career. I believe in equal pay for equal work, and I know if I had my time again when my children were born, that I would embrace equal parental leave."
Rodrigo Pizarro, CEO, L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand
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