Chevilly-Larue: An Innovative And Responsible Building

Protecting biodiversity and the ecosystem

Located in an abandoned scrap yard, this 8 100 m² building has benefited from a wide variety of solutions to restore green spaces, limit its environmental footprint and fighting climate change.

The process began with a biodiversity assessment of the plot to evaluate the environmental stakes involved in the proposed real estate transaction. The design and building work were adapted to the conclusions of the biodiversity report. The aim was to reconnect a very polluted land to its biodiversity and recreate it. In terms of energy performance, a research was conducted beyond the usual processes   to identify and implement new solutions to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact such as earth-air heat exchangers and argon-filled double gazing.

After two years of design and two years of construction the project was completed in 2014. The building has earned the “Exceptional level” HQE (High Environmental Quality) standard certification and the BBC low-energy level.

Environmental innovations and low-energy use

The site has implemented various innovative processes to reduce its energy and water footprint:

  • Geothermal energy: the building is powered by one of Europe’s largest geothermal energy networks located in the town of Chevilly-Larue. The use of geothermal energy, a renewable energy, generates very few greenhouse gases.
  • Earth-air heat exchanger: this ecological system can naturally preheat or cool ventilated air into the building.
  • A 1000m² green rooftop: green roofs come with a lot of advantages, both technical (improved thermal and acoustic insulation) and environmental (CO2 absorbed by the plants, atmospheric dust retention, mitigation of heat islands and improved biodiversity). The building also collects rainwater for use in the building’s toilets.
  • Phytoremediation: The wastewater from its activities is sent to phytoremediation tanks. This technique enables the purification of water through plants, which is then reused for watering the green spaces and gardens of the site.

The centre of Chevilly-Larue

The centre of Chevilly-Larue is one of the 18 Research & Innovation L'Oréal centres. Formerly a Lancôme factory, the centre of Paris-Chevilly is now a major player in the organization of Research & Innovation at L'Oréal. Located in Val-de-Marne, the site celebrated its 50th anniversary on June 28, 2012. More than 850 people are working in the design and evaluation of skincare products, make-up and perfumes in 11 buildings built on over 7 hectares. In Chevilly, more than 30 different disciplines (chemists, physical chemists, biophysicists, psychologists, cosmetologists, engineers, computer scientists, statisticians) are working together to create innovative cosmetics.

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