Biotherm: New Solar Protection that Respects the Aquatic Environment

The new Waterlover Sun Milk is a product that truly embodies the values of Biotherm’s Water Lovers program.

In 2020, the new Waterlover Sun Milk obtained the rigorous Nordic Swan Ecolabel – a certification that evaluates the environmental impact of a product’s entire life cycle, ensuring that any certified products meet very demanding environmental and chemical requirements.

The new ECO-LABELLED WATERLOVER SUN MILK SPF30 & SPF50 meet one of the highest eco-credential standards for suncare products, all while providing best-in-class protection against UVA & UVB rays. With a 97% biodegradable base formula and bottles made of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic, the product is designed to minimize its impact on water and aquatic life.

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*Without filters — 74% (SPF50) and 77% (SPF 30) for the formula including filters according to the OECD 301 test or ISO equivalent.

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