How To Measure And Improve The Environmental Impact Of Formulas

Improving the footprint of product formulas

L’Oréal has been conducting lifecycle assessments to measure the environmental impacts of its products for many years. It has identified that water, and in particular the water discharged when the consumer uses the product, as well the carbon emissions linked to the use of hot water during a shower to among its principal impacts on the environment.

L’Oréal’s teams are therefore working on improving the environmental profile of product formulas, in particular the amount of water that is necessary when using the product (shampoo "rinsability" for example).

In 2019, 96% of new or renovated products launched have an improved environmental or social profile, and 46% thanks to a new formula that reduces its environmental footprint.

Recognised results

These product formula footprint improvements, combined with the reduction in water consumption achieved at production level, enabled L’Oréal to obtain CDP’s “A” score for corporate performance on sustainable water management in 2019, the highest level possible, for the fourth year running.

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