The Growing Success of Ethics Day

Every year, all the Group’s Employees are invited to take part in a dialogue with the CEO, members of the Executive Committee and Country Managers on the occasion of Ethics Day. It is a key moment anchored in L’Oréal’s culture.


“L’Oréal has created this day over ten years ago to express our commitments and recognise that our four Ethical Principles of Integrity, Respect, Courage and Transparency are key for our organisation and our employees”.

Jean-Christophe Sautory,
Chief Ethics, Risk & Compliance Officer, L'Oréal Groupe

What is Ethics Day?

Ethics Day is an annual event open to all Employees that takes place in October. This event is the opportunity for L’Oréal Employees to ask their Ethics questions not only to the CEO, but also to Members of the Executive Committee and Country Managers.

During the 77 sessions of Ethics Day happening worldwide, our top management answers to the most voted questions and the main recurring themes. Employee engagement on Ethics Day is impressive with thousands of questions asked and proof that our Employees feel at ease asking the questions that are important to them.

The positive impact of Ethics Day

Ethics Day enables us to keep the discussion around Ethics and our Ethical Principles alive. It also enables us to have feedback from all L’Oréal Employees and have more visibility on the topics that are important for them.

On Ethics Day, we cover diverse topics from HR, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Data Privacy, Integrity, Health & Safety and Digital among many others.

For management, it is an excellent opportunity to connect with employees and to exchange transparently. Areas of further improvement are identified and leads to concrete actions both in the short and longer term.

Every year, we are on the lookout for new ways to innovate. Since 2020 more and more sessions are held in livestream format which allows for even more transparent conversations to take place.

For all these reasons, Ethics Day has grown to be one of the key events within the L’Oréal Groupe.

Focus on Our Ethical Principles


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