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L'Oréal For Youth: A Global Program For Youth Employment

Helping young people shape their future and start their career

L’Oréal For Youth is our first global Program For Youth, at Group level. As a part of L’Oréal For the Future, the program provides young people with various work opportunities for their first professional step and concrete actions to boost their employability.

Youth is at the center of the L’Oréal ecosystem. Throughout our century-old history, we have built a strong relationship with young people. Decade after decade, our leaders have always bet on youth and their potential. As a genuine talent builder, the “L’Oréal school” is recognized by young people themselves for its ability to assign responsibilities very early and grow them all along their career.

We have been acting in favor of Youth for decades in all countries in which we operate, whether it be through our recruitment practices, our actions on campuses and towards students, through our D&I programs but also through our brand purpose activities and causes, which increasingly seek to help the younger generations.

Youth employment issue is a top priority around the world

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Young people have been impacted by the socio-economic crisis as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. While governments and NGO’s have started to step in, we know that as a big multinational company who believes in the power of youth, we have a big role to play.

Heightened expectations for companies

Under-30s represent the future and, above all, they are the ones who will have to carry out the major societal and environmental transitions that must take place. Their expectations have deeply changed in recent years. Never have company values and Corporate Responsibility been so important. Those under 30 believe that companies must commit to employment and employability, involving them in building the world of tomorrow and offering them an inspiring and meaningful work environment.

How we commit to increasing youth employment


1. First professional steps



Work opportunities for young people under 30, and especially students from diverse and under-represented backgrounds


Worked opportunities created in 2021


On track to 25,000 work opportunities in 2022 and beyond!


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2. Employability



Students accessing learning platform and Masterclasses

With learning content to upskill them on critical skills for the future.


Young people offered coaching

By our HR professionals to provide students and job seekers tips and advice for successful applications and interviews.


Young people mentored by top 1000 L’Oréal leaders

From under-represented backgroundes to provide skills sponsorships to young social entrepreneurs.

3. Partnerships and Influence

Alongside concrete & measurable actions in terms of work opportunities and employability solutions, we aim at partnering and influencing in order to have a greater and more sustainable impact. In 2021, L'Oréal became a founding member of the most powerful program on Youth: The GLOBAL ALLIANCE FOR YOUTH launched by NESTLE in 2014. This leading global movement has been actively working and partnering with governments, foundations, youth organizations, academia and the private sector to help millions of young people each year to enter the professional world.

L’Oréal for Youth: our responsibility towards youth as part of L’Oréal for the Future

With our L’Oréal for the Future sustainability program, which has clear and measurable objectives by 2030, we are taking a new step forward in its commitments to young people. As an industry leader, present in over 60 countries and constantly growing, it is our duty to offer opportunities and concrete solutions.

As candidates, employees and consumers, young people are crucial stakeholders of L’Oréal. With L’Oréal for Youth, we aim to mobilize these youth in order to help build a more inclusive society and thereby demonstrate that companies can be a part of the solution to meet the major social challenges that the world is facing.

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