La Roche-Posay Spotscan

The first acne analyzer powered by artificial intelligence and developed with dermatologists to provide the best solutions for acne-prone skin.

Affecting 80% of teenagers and 40% of adults in the world, acne is the first pathology and a skin concern worldwide and can have a big impact on quality of life.
In general, acne medication is not taken as directed approximately 50% of the time. This poor adherence with anti-acne treatment may be due to the strong skin side effects suffered by patients.
More and more patients look for information online (600 Milllion Google searches per year), which leads to risk of wrong recommendations and fake tips.

How does it work?

  • Start with a clean face (no make up, glasses, no hair on your face)
  • Find good natural light
  • Take three selfies: centre, left and right profile
  • The app counts, localizes and categorizes your imperfections (spots, blackheads, pigmented marks), and determines your acne grade from 0 to 4
  • Get your Acne grade (GEA) – from grade 2: advice to consult a dermatologist
  • Get your personalized skincare routine: up to 3 recommended products
  • Get a follow-up support.

Discover La Roche-Posay Spotscan

The best solutions for acne-prone skin

The technology behind

EFFACLAR SPOTSCAN is the result of multiple years of work, developing an artificial intelligence algorithm based on more than 6000 photos of all ethnicities with acne. This technology is able to evaluate the severity of acne, and in order to scientifically verify the accuracy of the algorithm, La Roche-Posay carried out a clinical study on 53 acne patients supervised by 3 dermatologists, followed by the scientific publication written in collaboration with scientific experts.

Privacy and data

EFFACLAR SPOTSCAN doesn’t storage any data, users’ pictures are immediately deleted from server after the analysis is done.

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